Badiou’s Revision of Sartre’s Fused Group

Daniel Tutt

In his late Marxist work, Critique of Dialectical Reason, Sartre was pessimistic about revolutionary politics. He theorized the subject of history in the figure of the group in revolt, what he termed the ‘fused group’. The fused group, through their acts of negation (revolt), develop a new interior, untranscedable position. In a Lacanian sense, Sartre’s fused group is able to persist without the big Other. They have, as Sartre would say, dissolved the inert being of alienated social existence.

In the fused group, each member inhabits the role of what Sartre calls the third party, escaping the institutional inertia and transcending (Sartre’s words) ordinary social being. I read this as an ontological change which starts a new dialectic, what he calls the constituted dialectic based in a resurgence of a new knowledge of being. The dialectic that the fused group unleashes brings the subject back into the world, a move which was counter to the dominant…

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“Conscience requires validation within the speaking community. Language is “the very existence of Spirit”, the medium in which subjectivity embodies and elaborates itself in the outside world (§652). ..Subjectivity is fatal if cut off from circulation” – REBECCA COMAY citing from HEGEL’s PhG ..Subjectivity is fatal if cut off from circulation
— REBECCA COMAY citing from HEGEL’s PhG

“‘As far as the pervert is concerned, desire is an imperative’ ‘that comes from somewhere else; he is remote-controlled by something. In this sense the pervert is submitted to the Other’s desire, “The Lord’s will be done” could be the motto of perversion,’ Kirsten Hyldgaard writes.” – (via lacanians)

“‘the pervert does not direct his demand, his lack’ ‘towards the other but is nevertheless submitted to the Other’s desire in the sense that the pervert’s practise is compulsive, the exhibitionist’ i.e. ‘is compelled to expose himself to the other’s unwilling gaze,’ Hyldgaard writes.” – (via andre-vantino)

“Moral majority..and tolerant multiculturalists..both share..the fascination with the Other. In moral majority, this fascination displays the envious hatred of the Other’s excessive jouissance” – The multiculturalist tolerance of the Other’s Otherness is also more twisted than it may appear – it is sustained by a secret desire for the Other to REMAIN “other,” not to become too much like us. SLAVOJ ZIZEK
(via slavoj–zizek)

“On the pretext of wanting to free you of me, I force myself upon you. ..The moment I am forced to believe that you are lost to me..the somehow-somewhere-existing..barely visible..never-to-be-discovered..takes on proportions of wondrous size and beauty.” – And once again I plunge into pursuit, and promptly stop short again.


“Society ‘celebrates choice’ ‘but the only available a blind acting out. Opposition to the system can no longer articulate itself in the form of a realistic alternative, or even as a utopian project, but can only take the shape of a meaningless outburst’” – SLAVOJ ZIZEK on the danger of making meaningful dissent impossible (via slavoj–zizek)

“‘The Judgement’, I wrote at one sitting..from ten o’clock at night to six o’clock in the morning. I was hardly able to pull my legs out from under the desk, they had got so stiff from sitting. The fearful strain and joy, how the story developed before me, as if I were advancing over water.” – (via franz–kafka)