“the problem with Judaism is not that it is “too legal”, but that it is not “legal” enough. … The problem with the Law is not that it does not contain enough love, but rather, the opposite: there is too much love in it” – i.e., social life appears to me as dominated by an externally imposed Law in which I am unable to recognize myself, prescisely insofar as I continue to cling to the immediacy of love which feels threatened by the rule of Law. Consequently, Law loses its “alienated” character of a foreign force brutally imposing itself on the subject the moment the subject renounces its attachment to the pathological agalma deep within itself, the notion that there is deep inside it some precious treasure which can only be loved and cannot be submitted to the rule of Law. In other words, the problem (today, even) is not how we are to supplement Law with true love (authentic social link), but, on the contrary, how we are to accomplish the Law by getting rid of the pathological stain of love. ========== Slavoj Zizek http://ift.tt/1JkSQ0O

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