“Him needing you to come over right then because he’s sad, he’s depressed, he needs you. He will show you in the morning when he doesn’t kiss you goodbye, and you’re hurt and feel guilty for being hurt.” – He will show you by asking you not to contact him for Thanksgiving week, since he doesn’t want to have to explain to his parents that you two are together. You’ll say it’s fine. He will show you by confiding that he doesn’t know how you stand your friends. He will show you with his thoughtlessness, the way it feels like heaven when he remembers to care about you. If you can pay attention, he will show you. Nobody is ever going to love you enough to keep the house up, my sweetheart. You have to let the house fall down. You can’t fight with that. You can’t fight someone into convincing you that they love you. If he doesn’t love you, and he doesn’t, you will know, and you won’t believe him when he says he does.

source: Being Taken Seriously Despite Good Looks http://ift.tt/1EZoCLF

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