“Be able to say “not good enough” even when you don’t entirely understand why.” – I drove an hour to see an old professor. He’s a spunky, sour, rich balding gay man with fabulousness seeping from his large pores and scuffed shoes. We sat in his bareish apartment, filled with light, and drank coffee and then old coffee and he told me that I was going to do good things, that I didn’t have to take less than the best if I didn’t want it. I called the boy on the way home and told him I didn’t want to date any more. “I don’t want to date you any more,” I said. And sometimes I think “Jesus, I dated someone who looks exactly like a Jonas brother and who just got into a PhD program at Northwestern.” – source: “Being Taken Seriosly Despite Good Looks” http://ift.tt/1PGGsZt

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