“I give Segway tours for money. It is a job that I happen to have. It is better than retail. I’ve felt increasingly conflicted about this job since a buff, probably-ex-marine black man jogged past my group and called us “candy-ass-niggas.”” – He was probably right. One bonus feature that’s recently been added to my life is that our tour group goes RIGHT PAST the occupy raleigh campout. So I get to segway past a bunch of hardcore people who judge me. ..I see a lot of people on tours. Most of them are nice. A lot of them are in that horrible jolly-smug, “we are on a segway tour ha ha” self-congratulatory mood that happens when boring people with disposable income pay to do something that they think is unique. – SOURCE: “Being Taken Seriosly Despite Good Looks http://ift.tt/1JvRFsd

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