“At the time of the riots, one of the most worried companies was Adidas, since a large number of rioters were dressed from head to toe in Adidas clothes.” – Adidas in the last few years has become famous for using in their advertising well-known rappers who have had problems with the law. Not surprisingly, many young people who were looting the stores in London looked very much like the images of the rebels featured in recent advertising campaigns. What we experience as a luxury item or a luxury experience has changed throughout history. Luxury, however, has always been in some way linked to transgression. To perceive something as luxury, this ob.ject as an experience has to be in some way inaccessible, expensive, prohibited, or otherwise hard to get. And for one person having a desire to possess it or experience it, it is necessary that other people want it, too.

salecl. violence as a response to the ideology of choice. Salecl.33-6 http://ift.tt/1Y8QE2R

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