“Odradek as an object which is transgenerational (exempt from the cycle of generations), immortal, outside fintude (because outside sexual difference), outside time, displaying no goal-oriented activity, no purpose, no utility … There are different figurations of the Thing-jouissance–an immortal (or, more precisely, dead) excess–in Kafka’s work: the Law that somehow insists without properly existing, making us guilty without knowing what we are guilty of; the wound that won’t heal and does not let us die; bureaucracy in its most “irrational” aspect; and, last but not least, “partial objects” like Odradek. They all display a kind of mock-Hegelian nightmarish “bad infinity”–there is no Aufhebung, no resolution proper, the thing just drags on … we never reach the Law, the Emperor’s letter never reaches its destination, the would never closes (or kills me). The Kafkan Thing is either transcendent, forever eluding our grasp, or a riduculous object into which the subject is metamorphosed, and which we can never get rid of. The point is to read these two features together: jouissance is that which we can never reach, attain, and that which we can never get rid of.” – Slavoj Žižek, The Parallax View, p. 115 (via scaevities) http://ift.tt/1iwn0og

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