“only by remaining hidden behind the door of the law, only when “the letter of the law is hidden in some inaccessible place”, one is under its superego spell, too ready to believe oneself guilty for not responding to it and for not knowing what to respond to” – assumes more than is there, for in actuality it “may not exist at all, it is a matter of presumption, and we have only voices in its place”, writes Dolar. For Dolar, what is “epitomized by the voice” is thus “the Law itself, in its pure form, before commanding anything specific”. This command is of “total compliance” is is of course “senseless in itself”: “there is no Law without the voice” means that “the voice, as senseless remainder of the letter, is what endows the letter” of the Law with authority, writes Dolar. – ANDRE VANTINO http://ift.tt/1NGfOT8

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