“I am from the very outset ‘outside myself’, a bricolage of external components. Wotan does not merely ‘project’ his superego in Fricka, Fricka is his superego, in the same way as Hegel claims that a plant is an animal that has its intestines outside its body, in the guise of the roots” – This Hegelian formulation holds also – and especially -for the symbolic order, a kind of spiritual intestines of the human animal outside its Self: the spiritual Substance of my being, the roots from which I draw my spiritual food, are outside myself, embodied in the decentred symbolic order. One is thus tempted to say that, spiritually, man remains an animal, rooted in an external substance -one of the impossible New Age dreams is precisely to turn man into a spiritual animal, floating freely in spiritual space, without any need for substantial roots outside himself.
zupancic. Ethics-of-the-Real
(via alenkazupancic) http://ift.tt/1MxLM3J

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