“Kafka plays with this complaint he has, against his father, that the father is not noble enough, that the father, who insists on rules and laws etc so much turns out to be questionable himself, not noble himself. and the same is true for any law itself. one finds out that it was never true, it was merely the standard, not true, just standard and agrred upon, just purely random, contingent, unnoble. The man asks the doorman in Kafka’s parable about this door of the law. you could also call this door the door of life. the man asks the question only after waiting all his life at this door, never daring to walk through it, to enter law/life, not daring because he is too impressed by it, under the impression that it is a noble place. but at the end the doorman tells him this door was open for you, now this, your door, will close. The man missed his chance to enter and then his life was over as he found out that the door was in deed for him, that he had all the right to enter it, that he was just overestimating what comes, what is beyond and wether he deserves this beyond or not. if we accept that people and life are not noble we are more able to be noble ourselves, we are not giving ourselves a hard time about evaluating us and others, seeing in them more than there is. we are ready to accept that if anything, everything depends on us, that others, by definition, always fail. we take the pressure from others and from us. we file for defeat and this is our victory. in giving up we are freed of the superego, and more ready to deal with things, the things of life from which now is lifted the heavy weight of moral idealising.” – ANDRE VANTINO http://ift.tt/1OxUiAb

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