“The child’s life was controlled by the mother in a double phantasmic image of the “good”, protective and caring mother and the “evil” mother imposing “impossible” demands on the child and threatening to “devour” him.” – Because of the “father’s absence”, the child is incapable of doing away with or resolving the contradiction between the protective and threatening other, and of dialectically “surpassing” it with an inner law, with the name of the father and the paternal ideal of the Ego, in which, having been transformed, both initial aspects are “synthesised”: the subject symbolically identifies himself with the name of the father, the law loses its terrifying Superego alienation and, at the same time, the “critical” dimension is preserved and can act as a “punishing” element (the inner “voice of conscience”). According to the analysis, the narcissistic “self-love” and the libidinal investment in the Ego conceals rather than replaces the subject’s incredible hostility towards himself and his uncontrolled aggression, and the immense anxiety felt towards the object; the subject invests libidinal energy in the self because he is incredibly afraid of the object and is incapable of establishing a normal relationship with it. Behind indifference towards and contempt for the object (i.e. the Other Subject), there is the fear of establishing contact with and the inability to surrender to the object – SLAVOJ ZIZEK
(via slavoj–zizek) http://ift.tt/1Qo1EnC

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