“The superego develops insofar as we give up desire; the more we give up desire, the stronger the superego’s command that we give up more desire” – The superego is at the source of the feeling of being watched, though its ultimate source lies in our sacrifice of desire to the Law. Thus, the mani- festation of the superego appears in the film, not coincidentally, just as Fred has begun to become more suspicious about Renee’s desire. ..Fred’s suspicion indicates a failure on his part to sustain desire’s question, and it is this failure that provides a burst of energy to the superego, resulting in the videotape at the door. In giving up his desire, Fred opens the door to the superego, “inviting” it into his psyche. ..One way to retreat from desire is..to identify with the Law as a bulwark against desire. Whereas fantasy offers an imaginary answer to desire’s question, the Law attempts to arrest the process of questioning, along with the disturbance it provokes. ..The Law takes up the position of an observer vis-a-vis desire. It observes desire in an effort to keep it to a minimum, to eliminate its disruptive effects on the functioning of the social order. ..The Law has a representative within the psyche, the superego, that watches over the subject from the inside. ..Its attachment to the Law makes it seem as if the superego comes from the outside. TODD MCGOWAN on LOST HIGHWAY http://ift.tt/1MPdERL

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