“‘access to the Real as impossible’ ‘does not mean that Joyce’s writing is impossible. As Jacques-Alain Miller points out, the object a is not the impossible, is not the Real itself. Rather, it is seen between the Real and the Symbolic. It shows the contortions of the Symbolic trying to designate the Real through naming some object which is not quite sayable or visible. One can stop right here and mention Joyce’s play Exiles as continually stumbling over the object a, the stopper or limit placed on the jouissance proper to a symptom. The questions constituting the play are: what is freedom? truth? trust? adultery? sexual attraction? love? suffering? We meet the object a in language all the time, Miller says, as a function of the Symbolic trying to master the Real,’ Ragland writes.” – (via ellie-ragland) http://ift.tt/1RaEeGz

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